De afgelopen jaren was Michiel actief als

-artistiek leider/programmeur
-zakelijk leider
-provocatief coach
-stress coach

Voor leuke, in tijd begrenste klussen kunt u hem bellen.



Michiel Holtrop organises succesful chambermusic series in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Wageningen and Rotterdam, in which he also performs. He generates a friendly atmosphere in which collaegues feel comfortable to express themselves and in which the public can have Michiel Holtropspecial experiences.

Michiel Holtrop studied viola and psychology (unfinished) in Utrecht and Amsterdam. He received lessons from Eli Goren, Nobuko Imai, Prunella Pacy and Jurgen Kussmaul.

At the chambermusic festival of Entrecasteaux (Fr) he won the first price for chambermusic. Michiel plays on a Amsterdam viola (1954) by Max Möller.

Michiel is artistic director of the Stichting Appeltaartconcerten (‘the Applepie concert foundation’), projectmanager at Buro Schimmelplein and advisor at the Fund for Performing Arts and Cultuur Eindhoven.

He is proud of working together regularly with great musicans as Lis Perry, Quirine Viersen, Karin Strobos, Frank van de Laar and Martin Kaaij, besides his collegues from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

Michiel gives mental coaching and workshops for amateur and professional musicians.